Custom Design

Custom Design

You dream it - we can design it!

Creating custom work is something that we have a passion about and love to help our customers with! We can create any ideas that you may have and turn them into a reality. Have a piece of heirloom jewelry or stones setting around the house? Let us help you to turn them into a brand new piece of jewelry. Custom Design is a perfect way to take a piece of precious jewelry and give it a new life, all while making it something you can enjoy and wear everyday. Custom Designed creations can also start traditions, and create one-of-a-kind jewelry that can be passed down for generations.

Custom Design is a 5 step process that we at Parker Jewelers would love to walk through with you. This experience is a team effort and you are involved and included every step of the way!

  1. Dream - The first step involves a FREE consultation with one of jewelry designers. We will talk with you about what you envision for your custom design piece. We will ask specifics and collect information such as sizing, colors, etc as well as talk about the estimated costs associated with the design. At this time we will also design a rough sketch of the piece of jewelry.
  2. Determine - When we have decided on a plan for your jewelry we will take the rough sketch and design a 3D image in our C.A.D. drafting software. A print out will be generated for your approval. At this time we can change or alter the design to make sure it exactly looks like the design you have envivionsed.
  3. Demonstrate - Once we have received your approval to continue on with your design we will create a replica made with our 3D printer. This replica you will be able to touch, feel, and wear in order to ascertain what you final piece will look like. This demonstration model is the final step before we begin the metal work.
  4. Develope - At this stage the fun begins (at least for us!), we take your design and we start to make it a reality. This begins by a burn out process which creates a mold of your 3D printed piece. That mold is then used in the casting process to produce your creation in the metal of your choice. Once your piece is cast, we will carefully add any stones necessary and finish it off with a good polishing.
  5. Display - The best part for you - your piece is finished! The piece is now ready for you to wear, to show off to your friends, to brag about, or to gift to that special someone.

One of the best parts of this job is working with our customers and seeing their faces when their creation is finished. We love connecting with people after they leave the store, and hearing the stories of when their design was presented as a gift.